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Up to 25% commission

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Promoting Vitals will not only bring you recurring revenue, but it will also be beneficial for your audience. Depending on the audience size, we can offer incentives such as an extended trial of 45 days. You can earn up to 25% of all the merchants' net subscription fees that you bring to us.

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Why would you promote Vitals in all your YouTube Videos?

Some affiliates understood the magic of our affiliate program and used the affiliate link in all their YouTube video descriptions, Facebook Groups, Courses, Blogs.

You don't have to over-promote Vitals! With a 30-day free trial, excellent reviews, and outstanding 24/7 customer support, Vitals is an easy sell:

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One monthly subscription instead of dozens

Increase trust and customer satisfaction

Single Point of Support

A single experienced and responsive support team for all apps

Generate more sales and revenue

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We never modify theme files: 1-click install, 1-click uninstall

Save time and money

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All apps work together and interact flawlessly

Get passive income by joining our Partner Program

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Vitals Affiliate Program is the best way to earn passive income if you are a:


Course creator

Instagram influencer

Shopify mentor


Facebook influencer

Email marketer

Shopify Agency

Up to 25% lifetime commission

Earn up to 25% per month for each merchant your refer, as long as they finish their 30-day free trial.

Payouts via Paypal

Once you've accumulated over $100 in eligible payouts, we'll contact you to request an invoice and your PayPal email address.

Transparent Stats

Track your sales with the easy-to-use affiliate dashboard. We will import the statistics twice per month.

Refer more customers, earn more lifetime revenue

The more customers you refer to Vitals in any given calendar month, the higher the lifetime commission you'll get for their subscriptions.

Friends and Family

1 - 10 customers/ month.


11 - 29 customers/ month.


30+ customers/ month.

Get started in minutes

Easy for Beginners, all material provided


Create your account and get your custom affiliate link

Account creation takes less than 1 minute. All you need is an Email address.

We can also customize your affiliate link to make it look less commercial.


Promote Vitals to your audience

(videos, course students, Facebook communities, blog articles, forums, agency/freelance clients etc.)

We will provide you all the material needed: case studies, guidebooks, etc.


Receive monthly recurring revenues

All merchants who finish their free trial and turn into paying customers can bring you monthly revenue.

If you have a broad audience, contact us for a special bonus for your special link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can become a Vitals partner: enthusiast merchants using the app, ecommerce trainers, YouTube influencers, Facebook groups managers. We know we built a great product, just check out the awesome reviews.

A referral is counted as successful as soon as the trial period ends and Shopify is charging the merchant on behalf of our app. Of course, stores owned or managed by the affiliate will not be counted as valid referrals.

As we mentioned above, a referral is counted as successful after the free trial ends and the subscription cost is charged by Shopify. It's worth mentioning that, beyond the free trial, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee - and we're always approving refund requests. Refunds will affect the net revenue of the commissions and their value. If we process the refund request before the payment is made, the refund value will decrease the level of payout. If we've already processed the payment, the refund value will affect your next month's balance.

We process all payments between 15 and 20 of the following month. We currently support only PayPal for payments - so before we send you the first payment, we'll contact you to receive your PayPal email address. We're considering adding Revolut as well.

We're always taking into account our net value derived from the sale, after Shopify takes the 20% commission it charges all partners as the cost of using their API. So, for a basic subscription of $29.99, our net revenue is 80% of it, or $23.99. We are paying commissions on all revenue generated through your referral links, including percentage fees for additional revenue generated by Vitals (if we'll decide to implement this pricing model), except for the fees merchants might pay us for customizations (for example, we provide an out-of-the-box menu placement for the currency converter only for the free Shopify themes, other merchants can follow our instructions to add the switcher to the menu or pay us $20 for a custom placement).

In special cases, we are able to assign some special benefits to the affiliate links. To be eligible for an extended free-trial, you'll need to have a YouTube / Facebook audience of at least 10,000 users. For a 10% discount on subscription, you'll need to have a YouTube / Facebook audience of at least 50,000 users.


We've built the right incentives into a partner program meant to make you money.

30-day cookie life

30-day cookie life

If the merchants click on your affiliate and install Vitals in up to 30 days, they'll be assigned to your account.

30-day cookie life

Lifetime revenue share

Just make sure you refer at least one paid customer within 6 months of your last referral.

30-day cookie life

Customized links

Contact us and we'll be able to assign a custom, branded URL such as

30-day cookie life

Extra benefits

Influencers with large followings on Facebook or YouTube can receive extra perks assigned to their referral links.

Let's grow Vitals together

Join our partner program and start monetizing your Shopify audience