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Improve customer experience and increase revenue

Build trust and credibility

Build trust and credibility

Trust is essential for your online store. By showing real reviews and recent sales notifications, you can gain the trust of potential customers.

Amplify their confidence, boost your reputation, and see your conversion rates rise with:

Product Reviews

Trust Badges

Payment Logos

Recent Sales Notifications

Increase average order value

Every item in your customer's shopping cart is an opportunity waiting to expand. Incentives persuade customers to add more to their cart, effectively boosting your average order value.

Increase your revenue with a strategic approach and:

Volume Discounts

Product Bundles

Buy X Get Y


Increase average order value
Enhance user experience

Enhance user experience

Understanding your customers' behavior is a treasure map to success. Analyze their interactions, optimize your store, and increase your overall performance.

Improve user experience and foster customer loyalty with:

Visitor Replays

Instant Search

Product Description Tabs

Live Chat Channels

Supercharge conversion rates

Each visitor on your site holds untapped potential. With the right tools to create a sense of urgency and provide personalized suggestions, you can effectively turn interest into action.

Elevate conversion rates and watch your business thrive with:

Sticky Add to Cart

Related Products

Recently Viewed

Stock Scarcity

Supercharge conversion ratesSupercharge conversion rates
Reduce cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment

Engage with your customers and remind them of their chosen products to reduce cart abandonment. Turn potential lost sales into successful transactions.

Keep your customers engaged and transform each visit into a purchasing opportunity with:

Email Marketing

Favicon Cart Count

Inactive Tab Message

Cart Notice

Built for Shopify,

tailored to you

Artisans and Crafters

As an artisan, you deserve an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution to showcase your unique creations.

Vitals provides reliable tools that help build trust through genuine reviews and enable you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

With no maintenance required, you can enhance your reputation, increase conversions, and foster a community that appreciates your artistry.

Plus, with fast support available, you can get the help you need without any delay.


In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead means optimizing store performance and maximizing conversions.

Utilize Vitals' suite of tools to analyze customer behavior, create personalized experiences, and prevent cart abandonment.

Transform your retail store into a thriving business with higher conversions, increased average order value, and repeat customers.


In the dynamic dropshipping market, trust and a seamless user experience are paramount to success.

With Vitals, you can ensure fast search results, clear shipping information, and prevent cart abandonment, all while building a trustworthy image.

Transform your dropshipping business into a reliable hub for your customers, leading to increased conversions and sustained growth.

Ecommerce agencies

As an ecommerce agency, your client's success is your success. Vitals provides tools that help:

  • optimize store performance
  • amplify customer engagement
  • enhance user experience

By utilizing features that analyze customer interactions, create urgency, and ensure a smooth shopping experience, you can deliver tangible results for your clients, increasing customer satisfaction and growth.

Meet the people thriving with Vitals


ARG Clothing

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"Best app ever. Everything you need for building a webshop in one app. It saves a lot of money and they have some good new apps on the way."

Jasmine Itar

Mindful Intentions

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"It had all of the apps that I had been looking for plus some that I had never considered! Not only that, they are constantly adding new features and are also very open to hearing what their customers are looking for."

James Wilkin

Tan and Cheek

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"The customer service from Vitals is 100% next level, I submitted a query on the app and with 30 minutes I got a response and within 1.5 hours the query was fixed. Thanks, Vitals, one happy customer here."

Kerstine Khalil

Valley Candle Co.

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“This app has so many added features, it helps take my website to the next level! Worth every penny! Super user friendly even for a novice like me and their customer support is top notch.”

Create an immersive shopping experience for your customers

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

Enjoy a user-friendly, Shopify-like interface and a seamless integration where all applications work together smoothly.

24/7 Real-time support

24/7 Real-time support

Our global customer service team will ensure that Vitals runs smoothly on your store, no matter what.



Loading speed and performance are fundamental principles of our engineering team. Plus, our Lighthouse scores are amazing!

Clean install

Clean install

With Vitals, install everything in one click without altering your theme files. Plus, it adheres to all Shopify installation standards.

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