Speed Up Checkouts By Giving Honest Shipping Details With Our Shipping Information App

Increase transparency in your store by showing the real time & cost of shipping according to customers’ location.

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Build Customer Loyalty With Trust & Authenticity.

60% of online shoppers refuse to buy from stores that offer unexpectedly higher costs than they anticipated.

Deliver a 5-star Checkout Experience

65% shoppers look for free shipping before adding items to their cart.

Show all the shipping costs & average delivery time to your customers
 upfront to avoid any surprises.

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Shipping Information
Shipping Information

Reduce Bounce Rate

Make the process from adding items to cart to order 
fulfillment smooth & frictionless.

Add more transparency with an estimate delivery timeline 
while customers are still deciding.

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Increase Conversions

53% shoppers won’t make a purchase if they don’t know the delivery date.

Influence repeat purchases by increasing customer satisfaction.

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Shipping Information
Shipping Information

Reduce Cart Abandonement

53% shoppers won’t make a purchase if they don’t know the delivery date.

28% of carts are abandoned because of unexpected shipping charges

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How Shipping Information App Works

Key Features of Shipping Information

Your clients will know upfront the shipping times, thus increasing conversions and trust in your store

Use the shipping rates you want for your store- premium, standard shipping, free premium shipping, etc.

You can manage the rates easily that you set up in Shopify

Easy to set up & you'll be familiar with it in no time

You can edit your text that is shown in the shipping info snippet

Change the colors of the Shipping Info snippet to adapt it to your design

Shipping Zones - This data is pulled automatically from your Shopify shipping settings. You can add a new shipping zone if you want to.

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