Boost your sales with smart product bundles

With Vitals, bundling products is a breeze. Increase your average order value and sell more by pairing items that go great together while making shopping easier for your customers.

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Bundling: The easiest way to sell more

With Vitals, you're not just grouping products together. You're making shopping fun and simple, and that means more sales for you.

Create the perfect match

Pair items that go well together to give your customers more value and encourage them to buy more.

Use your best-selling items to help sell products that are moving slowly, making the most out of your stock.

Show your bundles on product pages, in the cart, or after purchase to catch customers' eyes when it matters most.

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Product Bundles
Product Bundles

Make shopping easy

Offer clear discounts in dollars or percentages so customers know exactly what they're saving.

Let customers pick sizes or colors right in the bundle box, speeding up their shopping.

Show product ratings in the bundle box, helping customers feel good about their choices.

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Grow your profits

Get customers to buy more at once with bundles, which helps increase he average order value (AOV) and grow your bottom line.

Create bundle deals that are too good to pass up, encouraging more sales.

Save time with semi-automatic bundle creation if you have a large inventory, reducing the time and effort required to craft irresistible deals.

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Product Bundles

How Product Bundles app works

Essential features you'll love

Custom placements: Put bundle offers on the cart page, product page, or thank-you page.

You bundle, your rules: Choose how you want to offer discounts—either as a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.

Quick setup: Use ready-to-go text suggestions to get your bundles live in minutes.

Localization: Translate bundle offers to your preferred language.

Inclusion & exclusion control: Easily select which products or categories to include or exclude from bundles.

One-click convenience: Customers can add entire bundles to their carts with a single click.

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ARG Clothing

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"Best app ever. Everything you need for building a webshop in one app. It saves a lot of money and they have some good new apps on the way."

Jasmine Itar

Mindful Intentions

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"It had all of the apps that I had been looking for plus some that I had never considered! Not only that, they are constantly adding new features and are also very open to hearing what their customers are looking for."

James Wilkin

Tan and Cheek

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"The customer service from Vitals is 100% next level, I submitted a query on the app and with 30 minutes I got a response and within 1.5 hours the query was fixed. Thanks, Vitals, one happy customer here."

Kerstine Khalil

Valley Candle Co.

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“This app has so many added features, it helps take my website to the next level! Worth every penny! Super user friendly even for a novice like me and their customer support is top notch.”

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