Boost your sales effortlessly with Buy X Get Y offers

Turn irresistible deals into more orders and happier customers. With Vitals, it’s more than just a discount; it’s a proven strategy to increase conversions and balance your inventory.

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Boost conversions by giving customers deals they can't ignore

People love a good deal. With the Buy X Get Y app offers, you’re not just discounting items; you’re encouraging more buying and earning customer loyalty.

Boost sales and customer happiness

Make high-value deals stand out, encouraging customers to spend more and bump up your average order value.

Craft offers that give customers a reason to come back, increasing their lifetime value.

Show offers at multiple points—from product pages to the shopping cart and even after purchase—to keep the engagement high.

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Streamline your inventory effortlessly

Pair slow-moving items with popular products to balance your stock levels.

Create automated discounts that adjust based on your inventory needs.

Make it easy for customers to find your special deals by displaying them prominently.

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Create an unmatched shopping experience

Take the guesswork out of deals by showing customers exactly what they’re getting, right on the product page.

Pick a look that matches your store and makes shopping a breeze.

Offer easy-to-understand deals that make customers feel like they’ve hit the jackpot.

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How BOGO app works

Essential features you'll love

Ready in Minutes: Pre-made text suggestions help you get your offers up and running super fast.

Boost Sales: Automatically push slow-selling items by tying them to popular products.

Smart Upselling: Show 'Buy One Get One' or 'Buy X Get Y' offers right on the product pages to encourage more buying.

Visible Everywhere: Your deals show up in the cart, on product pages, and on thank-you pages.

Make it Yours: Change how your deals look and read to match your store’s style.

Pick What to Sell: Choose what products or categories get to be part of the special deal easily.

Advanced Filters: Not every product fits every deal. Easily remove certain items or whole categories from a promotion.

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ARG Clothing

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"Best app ever. Everything you need for building a webshop in one app. It saves a lot of money and they have some good new apps on the way."

Jasmine Itar

Mindful Intentions

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"It had all of the apps that I had been looking for plus some that I had never considered! Not only that, they are constantly adding new features and are also very open to hearing what their customers are looking for."

James Wilkin

Tan and Cheek

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"The customer service from Vitals is 100% next level, I submitted a query on the app and with 30 minutes I got a response and within 1.5 hours the query was fixed. Thanks, Vitals, one happy customer here."

Kerstine Khalil

Valley Candle Co.

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“This app has so many added features, it helps take my website to the next level! Worth every penny! Super user friendly even for a novice like me and their customer support is top notch.”

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